UX Design

Research, UX and UI Design, and Product Development

UX Design

Increase your revenue and customer loyalty, and reduce service costs.

Who is this for?

Medium and large businesses with existing digital products.

Why invest in design?

Gain market advantage through customer behaviour insights and improved user experience.

How do we solve problems?

We use Design Thinking and Human Centred Design to build best-in-class digital products and services.

Person speaking | Qualitative research


We uncover behavioural insights through customer research and evaluate product performance before suggesting improvements. Output from research include:

• Research report
• Personas and journey maps
• Service blueprints
• Usability audits
• Usability tests
• Jobs To Be Done Maps

A test tube | Experiment design

UX and UI Design

Through Human Centred Design we create useful, usable and delightful product experiences. The key to a successful product is prototyping, testing and iteration:

• Ideation • Prototyping • Testing • UI design • Product specification for development

Take a look at how we redesigned the Cape Town Tourism site for a new monetisation strategy, here.

A wrench | Product development

Product Development

We build best in class front end code that is scalable and reliable. We work in all the major languages and on web and mobile platforms.

• Android, iOS and hybrid apps
• Progressive web apps

Still not sure what we mean? Take a look at an in-depth description of UX Design, here.

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