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Customer Research

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs. Medium and large innovative organisations.

Why invest in research?

Build the right solution that solves customer’s observed problems.

How do we understand customer behaviour?

We use well established qualitative and quantitative methodology to understand your customers and uncover behavioural insights to guide your strategy.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research aims to investigate the meanings people attribute to their behaviour, actions, and interactions with others.
What this type of research produces is descriptive data that our researchers must then interpret using rigorous and systematic methods of transcribing, coding, and analysis of trends and themes.

Our qualitative researchers collect in-depth perceptions and descriptions of targeted populations, places, and events. The findings are collected through a variety of methods, and often we will use at least two or several of the following while conducting a qualitative study:

• Direct observation
• Open-ended surveys
• In-depth interviews
• Participant observation
• Ethnographic immersion

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research aims to quantify or validate assumptions explored through qualitative research.
This type of research produces statistically relevant data that allows us to understand to what extent concepts, ideas or designs are supported.

Our quantitative researchers set up surveys or similar tests to collect larger volumes of data from targeted audiences. The findings are collected through a variety of methods, often relying on qualitative insights to define the type of test and content thereof for quantitative studies:

Some methods we use:

• Desktop market analysis
• Tree testing
• Closed survey or polls

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Venture Design

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs. Innovative organisations.

Why invest in design?

Minimise risk by understanding the market and the product.

How do we solve problems?

We use Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodology to find the market need and product solution:


Understanding customer behaviour, motivation and problems people have that need solving is the first step in building value that can translate into a viable business. We conduct qualitative and quantitave research that results in useful artefacts to make market and product decisions, such as:

• Desktop market research • Surveys • Customer interviews • Ethnographic immersion • Personas and customer journeys • Jobs To Be Done maps

Experiment Design

In order to minimise the risk of product failure, we gather emperical evidence through quick and cheap experiments. These are either to generate new ideas and insights or evaluate an hypothesis. Some methods we use are:

• Value Proposition testing • Fake door tests • Smoke tests • Concierge and Wizard of Oz tests

Product development

Once we have a clear market to target and product direction, we start designing, testing and iterating the product. Using Human Centred Design methodology further minimises product failure risk. Activities include:

• Product design (UX and UI) • Usability testing • Brand creation • Mobile app and web app development

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UX Design

Who is this for?

Medium and large businesses with existing digital products.

Why invest in design?

Gain market advantage through customer behaviour insights and improved user experience.

How do we solve problems?

We use Design Thinking and Human Centred Design to build best in class digital products and services.


We uncover behavioural insights through customer research and evaluate product performance before suggesting improvements. Output from research include:

• Research report
• Personas and journey maps
• Service blueprints
• Usability audits
• Usability tests
• Jobs To Be Done Maps

UX and UI Design

Through Human Centred Design we create useful, usable and delightful product experiences. The key to a successful product is prototyping, testing and iteration:

• Ideation • Prototyping • Testing • UI design • Product specification for development

Product development

We build best in class front end code that is scalable and reliable. We work in all the major languages and on web and mobile platforms.

• Android, iOS and hybrid apps
• Progressive web apps

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Team Support

Who is this for?

Medium and large businesses with existing UX teams.

Why invest in support?

External support brings in new perspectives that can cut through internal politics and allow for rapid problem solving.

How do we solve problems?

We use Design Thinking and Lean Startup principles in our workshops and training to handover practical skills that your teams can implement.

Workshops and training

Our workshops are interactive and aim to equip participants with practical skills. We can tailor workshops to fit your schedule from a few days to full weeks, full time or part time. Workshop topics include:

• Design Sprint • Lean Startup • Design Thinking • UX Design

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