Refining a new solution for an existing market through research and testing


The challenge

Funzi, a Finnish edutech start-up focused on mobile learning, wanted to launch their direct sales offering in South Africa with premium courses.

Requiring access to South African learners, they partnered with Experio to understand:
1. Which Premium courses to design and launch,
2. How learners experience these new courses and what would be required to improve this experience, and
3. What information learners required to commit to starting a course with Funzi.

The solution

Using insights gathered from interviews, Funzi launched a pilot course which was used to gain early feedback from real learners. This enabled Funzi to make necessary changes before taking the course to market.

To determine which courses to launch, we first needed to gain a deeper understanding of the motivations of the learners. We started with qualitative one-on-one interviews which were live-streamed to the Funzi team in Helsinki.

We then used a series of card sorting exercises to evaluate which courses users found most appealing.

Lastly, we ran concept tests. We again used a one-on-one interview format, focusing on users’ reactions to prototypes and their interpretation of the content in front of them. This allowed Funzi to proceed with their promotional strategy, and  refine usability and interpretation issues before launching.

Generative Qualitative interviews

We completed one-on-one interviews with individuals who represent Funzi’s target learner base. This helped to validate and enrich Funzi’s understanding of their target profile. We understood their motivations, attitudes towards learning and relationship with technology.

Card sorting exercises

Users were asked to rank course concepts and group them into themes. This helped us determine what content users felt was the most valuable while gaining deeper insight into how they aligned the themes to their personal goals.

Concept testing

Placing multiple conceptual prototypes in front of users and asking open-ended questions helped us understand which concepts resonated with different users and why. Monitoring users’ reactions to content revealed misunderstandings, content highlights and usability challenges.

Remote feedback interviews

We contacted learners who had engaged with the pilot course to gain their feedback on both usability and content. We used recorded telephonic interviews to do this.

Being a startup from the very northern part of the northern hemisphere, Finland, we’ve always been very conscious about our geographical and cultural distance from our user-base in the global south. To that end, we’ve spent considerable efforts in making sure we understand our audiences – Experio has been providing us with essential help in that ongoing task. They’ve been exceptionally easy to work with and the quality of their work is always top-notch. We’re very much looking forward to continuing to do business with them and to keep on learning how to better deliver high-quality learning via mobiles in the global south.

Miemo Penttinen, Funzi Co-Founder & CXO