Built a UX strategy and digital product around customer needs for Permyssion 


The challenge

Permyssion, a financial services startup that helps people organise their personal data, had built a working platform but found that the user experience was confusing and complicated. They were looking to start marketing their offering and wanted to improve the UX to make the service easier to use and more appealing.

The product was technically impressive, but the design was based on how the system worked and not how customers wanted to store and access their information. During the UX audit, it was apparent that in order for them to be competitive, they also required a market and product strategy.

The solution

We identified a target market and early adopter persona that allowed us to define the core problems customers were facing.

A simplified Information Architecture formed the basis for a dashboard that users could navigate easily.

We focussed the User Experience on the most important customer journeys for early adopters. This allowed the team to focus the launch of the product on specific customers and with targeted messaging.

Rattlehub was part of the MaRS incubator programme in Canada and have successfully launched in North America.

View their current offering here: https://rattlehub.com/

Product Market fit workshop

We interviewed the team and captured their understanding of the market and their needs. We then built personas and a typical user journey that allowed the team to identify a primary persona. We identified user goals and ranked them by urgency and frequency, giving us a framework to build a new Information Architecture.

UX Design and testing

We started with paper prototypes that we iterated with the team in a rapid design session. These were moved to medium fidelity prototypes that were remote usability tested with potential customers. UI was designed around the Permyssion brand and applied to the prototype.

Front end development

We used Angular to build a responsive front end and shipped the code to the team who then connected up the back end.

“It was fantastic working with Experio and they will be our 1st port of call of all and any UX design work!”

Gary Goetsch, CTO COO Co-Founder, Rattlehub