Discovery and design for an on-demand prescription and delivery service


The challenge

Medicare Health, a consolidated group of pharmacies, wanted to create a convenient prescription delivery service for their customers.

They needed to understand customer behaviour, investigate the systems and logistics around receiving, dispensing and delivering prescriptions, and have a design specification for developers.

The solution

A service design approach was required due to the involvement of multiple stakeholders, including pharmacists, delivery personel and admin staff, operating in a complex regulatory environment.

We interviewed a cross-section of all stakeholders, as well as customers in various age groups and defined their needs in personas and journey maps. In order to better understand the feasibility of introducing a new system into the Pharmacy environment, we observed pharmacists and their teams at work and understood the challenges they faced in the day-to-day running of a busy pharmacy.

The final service blueprint and resulting application design enabled customers to easily order and track their prescriptions, and pharmacists to efficiently dispense medication.

User interviews

We held qualitative interviews with customers who order both chronic and ad-hoc prescription medication. We found that customers valued ease of use and feedback of their delivery.

We then shadowed pharmacists while they served customers and dispensed medication to understand their duties and priorities in the pharmaceutical environment. We found that pharmacists were using multiple systems, and often had several concurrent urgent tasks they had to deal with throughout the day.

Service blueprint

We mapped out the channels required to deliver the desired customer experience on a service blueprint. This enabled the team to make decisions about what technology to build and what logistics model to use.

The blueprint became the central artefact around which we discussed issues, compromises and built the final design.

UX Design, testing and iteration

Having understood the consumer and service landscape, we designed a prescription delivery app and pharmacy dispensing system. We iterated through multiple rounds of usability tests, ensuring that the design was well validated and ready for development.

“The Experio team has a deep understanding of UX design principles. They ran an engaging, interactive process, that brought me and my team members along at every step.”

Anthony Steward, Head of Strategy, Medicare Health