Provided customer behaviour insights for Gumtree’s annual product strategy


The challenge

Gumtree, an online classifieds marketplace owned by eBay, was looking to defend their marketshare in South Africa by improving their users experience on their site. To understand what improvements they needed to make, Gumtree turned to Experio to conduct extensive qualitative customer research in time for their annual strategy and planning session.

Gumtree required definitive insights ahead of their annual strategy and planning session, meaning that our research needed to be completed in under a month and a half.

The solution

We conducted 16 one-on-one qualitative interviews for each of the 5 personas – 80 interviews in total – with representative customers in 4 provinces across South Africa.

We work closely with all our clients by actively engaging them at every stage of the process. In the case of Gumtree, this way of work enabled them to make sense of a lot of information in a very short space of time.

By streaming all our interviews, Gumtree was able to join any interview at any stage in real time, or review a recording of it later.

Regular check-ins meant that there were no surprises or insights we hadn’t discussed ahead of us delivering the final report.

Qualitative Interviews

We conducted 16 one-on-one qualitative interviews for each 5 personas: General Sellers, General Buyers, Car buyers, Car Sellers and Car Dealerships. There were 80 interviews in total with representative customers in 4 provinces across South Africa.

Jobs To Be Done

Using the Jobs To Be Done methodology, each interview sought to validate the job map, whilst gaining further insight into customers wants, needs and pain points.
We used the interview to:
• Define the customers goal
• Define what steps they take to reach this goal
• Define the “jobs” a customer needs to do at each step


Using the insights gained from the qualitative interviews, we worked with Gumtree to set up surveys which allowed them to generate opportunity scores and prioritise unmet needs.

“We contracted Experio to conduct five intensive and very ambitious Jobs to be Done (JTBD) projects within a very short timeline in order to get a comprehensive understanding of our customers steps, needs, and pain points throughout their journeys. They worked with us closely from day one, being very responsive to questions and feedback. They met every deliverable and deadline, and kept up great communication every step of the way. They gave us confidence and peace of mind in their professional abilities, and as we anticipated, we got everything we asked for in exactly the format we wanted it in. We couldn’t be happier with the final outcome of the study! We would not hesitate to hire them again for future research needs.”

Ashley Auld, UX Design Manager at Ebay Classifieds Group