Introducing a customer focused approach into the business for Esri South Africa


The challenge

The Managing Director had identified a growing need to put the user experience at the heart of Esri South Africa’s solutions for their clients, including both geo-centric and ge-enabled solutions. Esri South Africa’s customers were increasingly made up of less technology-centric users, including mining executives, town planners, administrative staff as well as the general public accessing capabilities through corporate and municipal websites. Usability was posing a larger and larger barrier to adoption and retention.

We needed to prove the value of a Human Centred approach to the larger organisation and create internal advocates to evangelise customer centricity within Esri South Africa.

The solution

We developed, planned and implemented a process that started Esri South Africa on the customer-centric path. As part of the transition process, Experio has helped implement customer centric solutions at a number of Esri South Africa’s clients that include large mining companies, national government organisations responsible for land management as well as local authorities across the country. As a result of the initiative, several internal User-Centred Design advocates continually keep user centricity at the heart of Esri South Africa’s solutions and support the user experience component of Esri South Africa’s proposals to its clients.

Stakeholder interviews

We kicked off the project with a round of management and staff interviews to diagnose the current state of the organisation from a user centred perspective.

UX workshop

As part of Esri South Africa’s move to user centricity, we transitioned every employee through a two-day user centred design workshop. These workshops focused on understanding customer needs, developing solutions to meet these needs, then building prototypes of the solutions to test with users in order to validate and improve the solution.

UX Design and Testing

We ran several projects using Human Centred Design methodology, gathering behavioural insights that informed new designs, testing and iterating and assisting in development.

Case study

We built a case study and presented this to the organisation in order to illustrate the benefits of customer centricity.

“We knew we needed to change to become user-centric. But we didn’t know how… that is where Experio came in. They showed us the approach and helped us understand it by implementing a number of projects alongside our own teams to help us learn and grow more.”

Richard Kaufholz, CTO, Esri Africa