Research, Experiment Design and Product Development


Innovation design or Venture design helps you to minimise risk when launching a new product or service.

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs. Innovative organisations.

Why invest in design?

Minimise risk by understanding the market and the product.

How do we solve problems?

We use Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodology to find the market need and product solution:

Person speaking | Qualitative research


Understanding customer behaviour, motivation and problems people have that need solving is the first step in building value that can translate into a viable business. We conduct qualitative and quantitative research that results in useful artefacts to make market and product decisions, such as:

• Desktop market research • Surveys • Customer interviews • Ethnographic immersion • Personas and customer journeys • Jobs To Be Done maps

A test tube | Experiment design

Experiment Design

In order to minimise the risk of product failure, we gather empirical evidence through quick and cheap experiments. These are either to generate new ideas and insights or evaluate an hypothesis. Some methods we use are:

• Value Proposition testing • Fake door tests • Smoke tests • Concierge and Wizard of Oz tests

Take a look at how we conducted Value Proposition testing for Medicare Health’s new product offering, here.

A wrench | Product development

Product Development

Once we have a clear market to target and product direction, we start designing, testing and iterating the product. Using Human Centred Design methodology further minimises product failure risk. Activities include:

• Product design (UX and UI) • Usability testing • Brand creation • Mobile app and web app development

Still not sure what we mean? Take a look at an in-depth description of Venture and Innovation design, here.

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